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Undergraduate Degrees

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Your career begins with your undergraduate degree, the fuel you’ll need to move up and forward to the life you want. Our outstanding faculty dive deep into their reservoir of knowledge and experiences in order to mentor students like you with goals and aspirations similar to your own. What future will you choose? 

Communication, Creative Writing and English Department

The Communication program at UHV can increase your understanding of the human communication process and teach you skills for becoming a more effective communicator.

Creative writing is one of the fastest growing degree programs. Students who enroll in undergraduate creative writing programs will be better prepared for graduate studies and for teaching positions.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in English provides you with a liberal arts education that can be valuable in a wide range of jobs and career fields including advertising agencies, radio and TV broadcasting, public relations firms, and government agencies.

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Criminal Justice, History and Political Science Department

Criminal Justice, History and Political Science cultivates critical thinking and analytical writing, skills which are not only valuable to future employers but necessary for becoming an informed and active citizen of the world.

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Multidisciplinary Studies Department

The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies is the home to programs which engage students to look beyond a single area and to instead investigate how culture and ideas can be applied in many areas. Our graduate program in Interdisciplinary Studies and our undergraduate programs in Applied Arts and Sciences as well as University Studies allow students to create highly flexible degree plans around their unique goals and experiences. Our programs in Spanish and Communication Design engage students in inquiry about language, art, culture, communication, and meaning. Additionally, The Multidisciplinary Department coordinates the University Seminar Program for first-year students. Please reach out to Justin Bell if you have any questions.”

Graduate Degrees

Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology is home to high quality psychology programs that aid students in preparing for a variety of careers in human service. Our undergraduate program helps students gain psychological understanding of self and others through a variety of coursework that builds a broad knowledge base and appreciation for the scope of psychology. Our graduate programs in Counseling, Forensic, and School Psychology provide students with specialized knowledge, clinical experience, and application of skills to serve the public in a variety of mental health fields. These programs are designed to lead to licensure in the state of Texas and our School Psychology program is nationally approved, leading to national certification. The Psychology faculty pride themselves on providing high quality training and professional development, while fostering the personal and professional growth of its students.  

Alumni Testimonial

" I am most proud of how the professors truly cared about our growth in the program and looking back I can see how all the hard work has paid off. "

- Marissa Collier
Alumni, 2019, Counseling Psychology