University of Houston-Victoria

Information Technology

First Time Account Setup

First Time Logging Into Your UHV Account

  • Your username is the 7-digit UHV ID number found in your acceptance letter or email
  • Your default password is in the format of mmddyyx! where:
    • mmddyy is your six-digit date of birth
    • x is the first letter of your last name in lowercase
    • ! (exclamation point - Shift + 1 on the keyboard)
    • For example, if Jane Smith's date of birth is January 15, 1980, then her default password is 011580s!

Office 365 - Is the preferred place to set up your account.

  1. Go To Office 365.
  2. Enter in your UHV email address.
  3. Enter in default password as described above.
  4. You will then prompted to create a new password.  Your new password must meet the password requirements.
    Office 365 First Time Login Password Change Dialog Box
  5. Complete the password recovery options.  For additional assistance, visit our Password Recovery Questions page.
  6. You are now ready to sign into Office 365 and other campus resources.

JagSpace - Retiring in Spring 2019.  If you completed the account process in Office 365, you do not have to complete it in JagSpace as well.

Log into JagSpace

  • Go to JagSpace site at

    JagSpace Login prompt
  • Enter your UHV ID in the "Username" field
  • Enter your default password in the "Password" field
  • Click the “Log In” button

Changing your password for the first time.

Changing your password

  • Enter your default password in the "Old Password" field
  • Enter your new password in the “New Password”field.  New passwords need to meet the following conditions:
    • at least eight characters long
    • must be a combination of letters, number, and special characters (!@#$%^&;)
    • Passwords cannot contain the user's name.
    • It cannot be a simple English dictionary word
  • Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password field
  • Click "Change Password" button

    Click the Change Password button
  • If successful click the Continue button, proceed to Step 3, else review error message and try again

    Change password results

Set your password recovery questions

Setting up these password recovery questions is the ONLY way to reset a forgotten password after hours. If you forget your password in the future, you can select "Reset Password" to reset your password by using these recovery questions.

Set up your password recovery questions

  • Set up your password recovery questions by selecting your questions from the drop down menus
  • Select two of the questions, enter in the appropriate answers. Please note that the answers are case-sensitive
  • Click "Update Configuration"
  • You are now ready to sign into JagSpace and other campus resources