University of Houston-Victoria

Information Technology

First Time Account Setup

First Time Logging Into Your UHV Account

  • Your username is your 7-digit student ID number. It can be found in your acceptance letter or email.
    • Your UHV email is your 7-digit student ID number followed by @uhv.edu. (example: 1234567@uhv.edu)
  • Your default password is in the format of mmddyyx! where:
    • mmddyy is your six-digit date of birth
    • x is the first letter of your last name in lowercase
    • ! (exclamation point - Shift + 1 on the keyboard)
    • For example, if Jane Smith's date of birth is January 15, 1980, then her default password is 011580s!

Office 365 - Start here for your first login.

  1. Go To Office 365.
  2. Enter in your UHV email address as described above.
  3. Enter in default password as described above.
  4. Complete the password recovery options.  For additional assistance, visit our Password Recovery Questions page.
  5. You are now ready to sign into Office 365 and other campus resources.