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What is Duo?

Duo is a two-factor authentication platform and adds a second level of protection to your account. When logging into your account, you will login with your username and password, and then authenticate with Duo to confirm it is you accessing your account. Below is a quick video explaining the process.

How do I authenticate?

There are a couple of ways you can authenticate to Duo. There is an app that can be used on your smart phone. Text message and phone calls are another method that can be used.

For phones that cannot install the app, hardware tokens are available. If you need a hardware token, please visit the UHV Connect Store. If you are in need of financial assistance, please fill out the Duo Hardware Token Financial Assistance Request form.

Setup and Enrollment:

It is recommended to start the set up process on from a computer. You will eventually need to scan a QR code with your phone if you are putting the app on your phone.

DUO Self-Enrollment guide

Duo Universal Prompt - Guide to Two-Factor Authentication · Duo Security

When you are prompted to the set-up process, you will see the following screen:

Start Setup

Pick what type of device you will be using. This guide is focused on mobile phones. For additional guides, please visit Duo Guides.

Type of your device

Enter your phone number:

Enter you phone number

Verify your phone number:

Type of phone; iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.

If this is the first time you are enrolling in Duo, and you are needing to install the app, now is the time.

Duo mobile for Apple devices

Duo mobile for Android devices:

Install the app

Once installed, scan the QR code given.

If you are not able to scan the QR code, there is an option to text a link. When you receive the link, click on it to open it in the Duo mobile app.

Once it has been scanned,  you will see a green check mark over it, and get confirmation that it has been added.

Click Continue.

You can now add a security key if you have one, or you can skip this option for now.

add other devices option

Once done, your set up is complete! You can proceed to authenticate into your account!

 setup complete

Add Another Device

To add another device, please see this Duo Guide: Add Another Device


If you are having trouble setting up the Duo Mobile app, please visit some of these additional resources: