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Alumni and Friends

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Our UHV donors are the driving force behind our university's success and growth. Their unwavering commitment to higher education and their belief in UHV's mission have a transformative impact on our institution and its students.

Through their generous contributions, UHV donors create opportunities for aspiring scholars, empower faculty innovation, and support groundbreaking research initiatives. Their philanthropy enables us to provide scholarships, enhance academic programs, improve campus facilities, and foster a vibrant learning environment.

President’s Circle

The President's Circle consists of UHV employees who demonstrate their commitment to the university by donating at least 1 percent of their gross annual pay. This esteemed group of individuals plays a vital role in supporting UHV's mission and initiatives through their generous contributions. Their dedication and generosity are greatly appreciated and contribute to the continued growth and success of the university.

UHV Employees

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to all UHV employees who have generously contributed to this campaign. Their selfless donations have a tangible impact on UHV, making a real difference in the university's progress and success. Their dedication and support are sincerely acknowledged and greatly valued.

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