University of Houston-Victoria

Title IX and Equal Opportunity

UHV Title IX Resources

The Title IX & Equal Opportunity Office is available with or without a formal complaint to discuss services and policies. The Title IX and Equal Opportunity Coordinator is Rebecca Lake and she is located in University West 116, and available by phone at (361)570-4835. 

Emergency Services

Get Emergency Help and Dial 911

Always call 911 in an emergency, or contact campus security for a non-emergency at:

(361)570-HELP or (361)570-4357 (Victoria) or (281)396-3777 (Katy)

UHPD/Security Services

File a Criminal Complaint with campus UH Police or request Security

Victoria Visitors, Employees or Students call:

(361)570-HELP or (361)570-4357

For Front Desk/Security at UHV-Katy, call (281)396-3777

Title IX & Equal Opportunity Services

Report Sexual Misconduct and Get Help from Title IX & Equal Opportunity Coordinator

Visitors, Employees or Students call:


Email Rebecca Lake

Counseling and Related Services

Seek Medical Attention with Help of a Confidential Advisor  

Students call:
(361)570-4135 or Toll Free (855)848-4279

Houston Area Students call:

(713)500-3327 or Toll Free/After Hours (800)346-3549

Additional Employee Services

Get Confidential Help Through the UT Employee Assistance Program 

Employees call: (713)500-3327 or Toll-Free (800)346-3549 for UTEAP

More About Services

Interim services are available through the Title IX/Equal Opportunity Office. Services can include housing changes, academic support, on-campus workplace changes, security escorts, no-contact orders, information about local medical providers and more.

The Title IX and Equal Opportunity Office provides resources and policy guidance to students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Title IX/Equal Opportunity Coordinator also provides training to campus constituents on issues of sexual misconduct, prevention and response.

The UHV Counseling Center is available free to students to provide confidential counseling services at University Commons, Second Floor, Suite 2108 (inside the Library) or by calling (361)570-4135.

For employees, the Employee Assistance Program is available for counseling and other referral services at (713)500-3327 or (800)346-3549 (toll free) for benefits-eligible employees, faculty and staff.

For non-UHV resources and assistance, also see relevant off-campus resources.