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Jags Take ACTION Against Sexual Violence

Awareness Campaign for Training to Intervene, Observe and Notify

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The UHV Title IX & Equal Opportunity Office provides education and resources to help Jags Take ACTION Against Sexual Violence.

ACTION is an Awareness Campaign for Training to Intervene, Observe and Notify.

Sexual violence includes stalking, dating or domestic violence, sexual assault, exploitation, harassment or bullying based on sex (gender as well as sexual orientation, identity and expression) and more.

ACTION promotes safe & positive bystander behaviors. ACTION trains UHV community members to recognize signs of sexual violence, intervene safely, and report signs that they have observed to get help.

ACTION goes beyond campus services to help UHV community members connect with off-campus service providers, hotlines, hospitals, legal support and law enforcement. For a list of off-campus service providers and hotlines, visit Off Campus Resources.

The Jags Take ACTION Campaign Design Currently Includes:

  • Production of awareness posters and visual materials for year round campus anti-violence campaigns.
  • Creation of digital signs for campus resources and information on anti-violence efforts.
  • Production of educational videos and material for online learning. More images and videos can be found on Instagram and Twitter @Equal_UHV posting for #equalUHV, #awareUHV and #inspireUHV.
  • Interactive Training for UHV students, staff and faculty on national trends, case studies, safe bystander intervention, available services and reporting options.
  • Bystander initiatives to re-enforce positive bystander behaviors.
  • Support for students in their future careers to recognize, report and combat sexual violence. Training emphasizes application of skills in K-12 education, healthcare, law enforcement, counseling and any affected industries.

Jags Take ACTION Achievements:

  • In 2019 and 2020, we launched Twitter and Instagram pages with features on student activities and designs to prevent sexual violence and promote healthy relationships. Follow us @Equal_UHV.
  • Created digital TV designs for campus initiatives promoting awareness of local and national resources (2019-present).
  • Designed online, interactive Safety Plans on topics of Campus Safety, Residential Safety and Technology Safety (2019).
  • Year-round poster campaigns to promote active bystanders and prevention of sexual assault and dating violence (2017 to present). As of fall 2018, new UHV poster designs will also be featured online.
  • In 2017, trained over 600 UHV employees including faculty, staff and student workers. Training is 60-90 minutes in small group settings with videos, examples and interactive exercises (new employee training continues to present).
  • During 2020 and 2021, incoming student orientation switched to virtual during the pandemic and we:
    • Organized a training session for students from Texas Advocacy Project,
    • Presented campus safety tips and resources during Jaguar Essentials, and
    • Joined the Relationships 101 Panel to discuss consent, dating safety and healthy relationships.
  • Past student orientation in-person training have also included sessions such as:
    • Small group sessions with campus safety cards provided to students during Jaguar Day summer orientations (2018-2019).
    • Live, large group sessions with discussion of warning signs, positive bystander behaviors and options to get help (2017-2019).
  • Designed a freshman seminar online training module to focus on campus services (2018) and deliver class presentations on request (to current).
  • Production of series of videos on bystander awareness and suicide prevention (2018).

Want to Help?

If you are a faculty member or department leader, you can schedule a training for your class or group. If you are a student leader, you can help student organizations participate in these efforts. Just contact the Title IX & Equal Opportunity Coordinator to get started.

To support these efforts, please also consider a donation to the ACTION Fund to Eliminate Sexual Violence. The ACTION fund supports the efforts of the UHV Title IX Office to provide education on issues of sexual violence and to promote ACTION (Awareness Campaign for Training to Intervene, Observe and Notify) and similar campaigns. These efforts:

  • Train UHV community members to recognize signs of sexual violence.
  • Promote safe & positive bystander behaviors.
  • Provide ideas for safe intervention and safety planning.
  • Encourage reports (to the Title IX Office, UHV Counseling Center, campus police, or other service providers).
  • Support students in their future careers to combat sexual violence in all of its forms.

How to Stay Updated

For updates on the campaign, please complete our contact form or contact the Title IX & Equal Opportunity Coordinator.

Campaign updates may include:

  • Information on training initiatives,
  • New educational materials,
  • Outreach on anti-violence topics, and
  • Announcements of awards or recognitions.

7 Bystander Intervention Tips:

Always call 911 in an emergency.

Active Bystanders (do only if you are safe):

  1. Say something. Make it clear that violence is unacceptable.
  2. Create a distraction. Divert the negative behavior.
  3. Provide an opportunity for the targeted person to get away safely.
  4. Call for help (Security, UHV Staff, Resident Assistants, etc.) or find peers to help diffuse the situation.

Passive Bystanders (do all of these):

  1. Offer your support to the targeted person.
  2. Find allies and make a safety plan to prevent future violence.
  3. Report after the fact so the targeted person can be offered support services.