University of Houston-Victoria

Information Technology

Skype for Business Retirement

Skype for Business is being discontinued by Microsoft on July 31, 2021. To meet the Microsoft deadline, UHV will cease providing Skype for Business services on May 24, 2021. Microsoft Teams is the replacement software for Skype for Business services and functionality. Information Technology can facilitate small group meetings if needed, to help with this transition. Please email to start the request. 

Video Conferencing

Interactive Television – Interactive Television (ITV) is a class delivery method that allows faculty to teach across two or more distant teaching locations. Through ITV, students from the Victoria and Katy locations can interact with each other and their instructor in real time.

For scheduled academic ITV classes, IT will set up the rooms ahead of time to ensure ample time for troubleshooting and to make sure classes are started on time. These rooms can be utilized for large meetings, subject to room availability. Meetings hosted out of the following rooms will be set up by IT.

Video Conferencing Video conferencing is a technology that allows staff and faculty to hold meetings to other locations with video, audio, and content sharing/collaboration.  Video conferencing is achieved by utilizing Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
Hosts and attendees are required to login to the computer with their UHV credentials and start the meeting using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Teams- is a unified communication and collaboration platform, provided by Microsoft, that is available to all UHV faculty, staff, and enrolled students. Users can utilize Teams for video conferencing from their offices and conference rooms.  Teams is approved for Level 1 data.

Zoom- is a video conferencing software. Users with a Zoom license can use the software from their offices and conference rooms.  Zoom is also the software UHV utilizes to deliver ITV classes. For more information, please visit our Zoom page.  Zoom is not approved for Level 1 data.

How to Reserve a Room?

Reserving an ITV classroom for meetings:

ITV classrooms CANNOT be reserved through the UHV public calendar. To check on room availability, email or call the Help Desk (361-570-4399).

  • If you have a large meeting and need to utilize an ITV classroom: Submit an ITV Request
  • Allow up to five business days lead time to schedule an ITV classroom.
    • For ITV in Katy, IT will submit a room request on your behalf to UH.
  • Because these meetings will take place in an ITV room, IT staff will set up the technology in the room for you.

Reserving a Conference Room for video conferencing meetings

It is the expectation that video conferencing from a conference room will be setup by the meeting host or attendees.

  • To reserve a room for video conference, submit a reservation: University Calendar
    • If you need a conference room in Katy, please email Owen Campbell.
  • If you need IT assistance with the technology in a conference room, submit the following form with at least 1 business day lead time to ensure proper staffing: AV Support Form.


Please note IT will communicate with the meeting owner and send all meeting information details to the meeting owner.


ITV Capable Classrooms

University Center

UC 101 – seating capacity 16

UC 215 – seating capacity 27

UC 302 – seating capacity 30

UC 303 – seating capacity 52

UC 312 – seating capacity 24


University North

UN 111 – seating capacity 60


Katy Teaching Site

KAB1 Room 115 – seating capacity 40

KAB1 Room 116 – seating capacity 40

KAB1 Room 120 – seating capacity 40

KAB1 Room 215 – seating capacity 40

KAB1 Room 216 – seating capacity 40

KAB1 Room 218seating capacity 60


Video Conferencing Capable Rooms

University West

Conference Room A, UW223 – seating capacity 23

Conference Room B, UW127 – seating capacity 18


University Center

UC122L – seating capacity 8

President’s Conference Room, UC305A – seating capacity 28


University North

Tracy Conference Room, UN212A – seating capacity 12


Katy Teaching Site

Conference room KAB1 206A - seating capacity 10

Conference room KAB1 206K - seating capacity 10

Conference room KAB1 207A - seating capacity 10