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Administration and Finance

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Administration and Finance

A Message from the Vice President

Since its inception in 1973, the University of Houston-Victoria has evolved from a small Center to a two year upper level institution to its present identity as a full four year destination campus.  Along the way, the university has developed a reputation as a dynamic and innovative educational institution.  From the beginning, the Division of Administration and Finance has supported the university in both stewardship and innovative leadership roles, committed to providing the best possible services to the students, faculty and staff of the institution.

The links under Offices on this page will connect you to each of our Division’s service areas.  If there are questions within any of our areas that you are unable to find answers, you are welcome to contact our office directly.

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Beverly C. Shuford
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Mission Statement

The Administration and Finance Division is charged with fulfillment of the financial, operational, technological, and physical plant needs of the University.  The mission of the Division includes providing financial and administrative counsel to the President and other offices within the University.  The Division’s staff works closely with all areas of the University, providing consultation and support services.  This includes developing and managing both short and long-term strategies to meet budgetary and financial needs, technology growth and innovation, facilities expansion and student auxiliary services growth needs. As a state supported institution of higher education, it is the Division’s responsibility to ensure that activities proposed and resources requested support the goals and mission of the University, are fiscally sound, reflecting good business judgment and create an environment where students, faculty and employees will be able to do their best work.

Where the Money Goes

You pay for your government, and you deserve to know how it spends your money. Use the tools and information on this page to search the state check register, track state spending and see your tax dollars at work.