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Summer Camps

UHV offers several summer camps for high school and middle school students. This year all camps are virtual.  Students can register for one or more camps. Some camps will have a selection process to participate.

Dr.s Nusayr, White and Teixeira

Virtual data science summer Bootcamp

The University of Houston-Victoria is organizing its second virtual summer boot camp on data science on June 26-29, 2023. The boot camp covers topics listed below with a specialization that aligns with students’ technology career goals.

The objective of the proposed boot camp:

  • Create an understanding about data science and machine learning
  • Identify tools and technology related to data science field
  • Prospect further study with career in the field of data science
  • Get hands-on experience with minor data science project

High School Robotics Course

The 2021-2022 Robotics, Programming and Simulation Courses/Research Projects are a great opportunity for area high school and middle school/early high school students to learn how to use advanced robotics tools and engineering concepts to create Artificial Intelligence applications. Twelve students from high schools in the area and twelve from middle school/early high school will be chosen to participate in the two courses that are held each year. This course is funded by a grant from Alcoa Foundation.

LEGO EV3 robotics kits will be used for the robotics portion of the program. Students will learn how to program autonomous robots using different software and Artificial Intelligence Programming.

Nusayr with students
male student

High School Arduino Camp

In this camp you will use an Arduino microcontroller to dive in programming and electrical engineering. The camp is a great opportunity for those who have interest in coding to start writing their programs and develop some problem-solving skills. Campers will be able to design electrical circuits and sensors, and program them using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Using the Arduino IDE, you will write programs to perform multiple projects.

Campers learn:

  • The Engineering design process.
  • The Arduino board (hardware) and the Arduino IDE (software).
  • To Build electrical circuits using Arduino & electrical engineering.
  • Coding in the Arduino Programming Language.
  • To Build and control a robot using the Arduino board.
Nusayr at podium

Math and Robotics Awareness Day

The University of Houston-Victoria hosts an annual event for high school students from the surrounding area. Approximately 200 high school students participate in the Math and Robotics Awareness Day Event each year. The event is held on Thursday, 04/21/2023 to coincide with Math Awareness Month. At this event, students have the opportunity to compete in Math and Computer Science competitions and win trophies and prizes. They also attend activities to encourage them to explore college and career opportunities in the STEM fields. Students from the UHV Robotics Program for high school students are invited to demonstrate their projects at the Math and Robotics Awareness Day event. This annual event is funded by a grant from Alcoa Foundation.

Texas Women In Computing

The Texas Women in Computing (TWiC) Summer Camp will introduce middle school students to advanced and interesting computer science concepts. During the week students will work on hands-on activities that will bolster their interest in computing and advance their knowledge to a level that utilizes critical thinking when encountering complex computer science concepts in high school or college The main goal of the TWiC Summer Camp is to increase the participation of women in STEM courses, particularly computer science. Other goals include:

  • Promote engagement of girls/women in computing from middle school to high school to early college
  • Provide an environment for students to focus on building computational thinking skills.
  • Strengthen the preparation of girls/young women for future endeavors in computing by developing their mastery of computer science concepts and practices, while raising their aspirations in computing.

Students will learn core computing concepts and competencies such as computers and communication devices, computational thinking, data, algorithms, computer programming, and teamwork. All concepts will be covered in depth, analyzed within student teams, and used to implement problem solutions over the span of the week.

Core students