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Computer and Information Sciences

Computer and Information Sciences

Computer and Information Sciences

The mission of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences is to provide programs that help students develop their computing and analytical skills, enabling them to excel in computing-related professions, contribute actively to their communities, and be committed to lifelong learning, development, and success.

Gohel Hardik

Majors and Degrees

The Computer and Information Sciences department offers six major and degree programs in computer science, computer information systems, digital gaming and simulation, and data science. The computer science (B.S. and M.S.) and computer information systems (B.S. and M.S.) majors are both well-established programs with robust curriculum that prepare our students for careers in the IT industry. The B.S. in Digital Gaming and Simulation major was one of the first in the state, and it is considered one of the top digital gaming programs in the country. Students who complete the M.S. in Data Science program will be prepared to excel in data analytics and applied artificial intelligence. All our programs have received national distinction due to high quality of instruction, affordability, staff commitment, and student success after graduation.

Our Faculty

There are now eight tenured or tenure-track faculty members and two lecturers in the Department. Their research areas range from compute science, information systems, computer engineering, to digital gaming, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science. Approximately 300 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students are currently enrolled in the Department.

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