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Degree Plan

Core students

MS Data Science Admissions

Approved University Admission to Graduate Studies 
1-page essay stating the reasons for applying to the program, career goals, and research and scholarly interests, if any.
A Resume reflecting work experience and educational background
Official GRE or GMAT Data (Note:  Student must have a Graduate Admissions Index of 980)
Minimum Graduate Index score of 980 or higher 


Prerequisite Leveling – 12 semester hours

3 semester hours of Calculus, Algebra, Discrete Structures, or Discrete Mathematics
3 semester hours of Statistics
6 semester hours of Programming or data structures

(Documentation of prior learning which satisfies program prerequisite knowledge in part of full is required for determination of equivalencies and/or waivers. The student may directly submit to the Data Science Graduate Program Advisor a portfolio of work for evaluation for exempting one or more prerequisite/leveling course. Such work may include non-credit or non-academic course work, certifications held and other experiential knowledge in subject area. Such exemption will be solely at the discretion of the Data Science Graduate Program Advisor, and may involve interviews, tests, or contact of references. No such waiver for non-academic experience will be done for any part of the 36 semester hours beyond the pre-requisite/leveling courses).

MS Data Science Degree Plan

Core – 24 semester hours

COSC 6375 – Programming for Data Science
MATH 6315 – Applied Statistics
COSC 6376 – Predictive Analytics
COSC 6315 – Data Science using Machine Learning
COSC 6378 – Data Visualization
COSC 6336 – Database Systems Development
COSC 6325 – Policy, Strategy, and Ethical Issues in IS
COSC 6380 – Capstone course

Specialization – 12 semester hours

Choose 12 semester hours (4 courses) of specialization coursework from the following or other courses approved by the program director:

COSC 6379 Data Science in Healthcare
COSC 6335 Computational Science
COSC 6359 Cloud Computing
COSC 6329 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
COSC 6337 Web Mining & Information Retrieval
COSC 6341 Internet Programming
COSC 6370 Advanced Topics in AI
MATH 6312 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
COSC 6312 Fundamentals in Cybersecurity
COSC 6328 Deep Learning
COSC 6348 Natural Language Processing

Thesis Track:

COSC 6308 Master’s Thesis
COSC 6309 Master’s Thesis

Academically strong students may advance their knowledge via this option. Pre-approval by faculty under which student has obtained a 3.0 GPA (Thesis Advisor) is required.

Internship Track:

Students who prefer obtaining more industry experience before graduation could choose internship track. This track allows students to start taking internship from first semester. Student choose this track must complete 6 semester hours of internship courses. They could be a combination of COSC6105, COSC6205, and COSC6305. Program director approval is needed for Internship track.