University of Houston-Victoria

University College

Undergraduate Research Showcase

Each year University College features presentations from students at UHV. The showcase is an opportunity for all undergraduate students, regardless of major, to show off their research skills. The showcase also allows students to develop their public speaking and presentation skills.

Past presentations include:

  • Rusty Acuna – “Guizot’s Surviving Principles in Modern America”
  • Noemi Bustamante – “Hunting for Cell Cycle Genes in Rotifers”
  • Cassie Cameron – “Raise the Age and Second Look Legislation: An Argument Against Liberal Policies Instead of System Reorganization” and “Victoria County Sheriffs: The Crossroads and Human Trafficking Victims”
  • Jacquelyn Clendening – “Public Policy and the Legalization of Marijuana”
  • Elizabeth Cuyler – “Finding the Nearest Coast Guard Station using the Law of Sines”
  • Michael Gross – “Implicit Association Test (IAT) and Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and Associated Proteins (CRISPR/Cas): An Empirical Approach to the Ethics of Engineering Homo sapiens
  • Ismael Gutierres – “Recreational and Nefarious Uses of the Dark Web”
  • Sarah Leggett – “The Metaphysical Club”
  • Anthony Canela Reyes – “Understanding Fox O1 gene: A Deeper Analysis of its Function During Cell Division and Fat Synthesis”

To learn more about the showcase, contact Heather Crow at 361-570-4288 or