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Title IX and Equal Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find links to the full text the University of Houston System Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Anti-Discrimination Policy at the bottom of this page

Please select the relevant subsection for further information, or contact the Title IX and Equal Opportunity Coordinator. The question links below will open to a new page of this section under the listed category:

Title IX Questions (Sexual Misconduct)

Questions about Reports (Sexual Misconduct)

Student Questions (Sexual Misconduct)

Employee Questions (Sexual Misconduct)

Sexual Assault Questions

Equal Opportunity Questions

Pregnant and Parenting Student Questions

Policy Links

University of Houston System Sexual Misconduct Policy (or see ).

University of Houston System Anti-Discrimination Policy (or see Anti-Discrimination Policy HTML version).

More UHV policies and information can be located at the UHV Policies page, the UHV Student Handbook and the UHV Faculty Manual.