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ROAR Certified Leader

What is it?
The ROAR Certified Leader program aims to facilitate leadership development and help students think critically and grow in four essential areas: communication, problem solving, social responsibility and teamwork. Students may obtain a certification in one or more areas. If a student obtains certification in all four areas, he or she becomes a distinguished-level certified leader.

ROAR Certified Leader

How do I become a certified leader?
Students will submit a proposal that lays out their plan of action to meet the requirements for the certification area of their choosing. If the proposal is accepted, the student will work toward accomplishing his or her pre-approved academic and social activities. The student then will apply for certification using his or her resume, cover letter and materials obtained throughout the process.

How long does it take to become a certified leader?
It depends on the pace of the student. We anticipate it will take about one semester to become certified in an area. There also is an instant certification option available for students who already have obtained and documented the skills necessary to be certified.

Do I get anything for becoming a certified leader?
Students will receive a framed certificate to hang in their office, a digital badge to showcase on social media, a cord to wear at graduation and recognition at the annual Student Organization and Leadership Banquet.

Why should I become a certified leader?
The four areas of certification within the program are identified by state and national organizations as marketable skills that employers seek in new graduates. Obtaining a certification will set students apart from other job candidates.

Where do I apply?
Visit the "Certified Leader" portal in JagSync for full details about the program and to take the first step in applying to become a certified leader.

Certification Areas

Problem Solving - Choose between different options to best help the group to meet its goals using critique of available data and information.

Communication - Speak or write to others, and put abstract ideas into language others can understand.

Teamwork - Work as a group to accomplish goals, effectively using the strengths of individuals within the group.

Social Responsibility - Intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities.

For more information, contact Freddie Cantu at (361) 485-4474.