University of Houston-Victoria

Student Billing

Waivers and Exemptions

Students that are qualified to receive a waiver or exemption should submit all necessary paperwork to the Student Billing Office, University West Building Room 117, e-mail it, or fax it to (361)580-5522. For questions regarding the waivers and exemptions offered by the university please contact Student Billing at (361)570-4833.

Below is a list of some of the waivers and exemptions commonly used at UHV as well as the link to any form(s) that need to be completed and returned to Student Billing at the university for you to receive the waiver or exemption.

For a complete listing of all the waivers and exemptions available to students and additional information on the waivers and exemptions listed below please visit the Exemptions link or the Waiver Programs link.

Blind and Deaf Students (Section 54.364 Texas Education Code)

Blind or deaf students who are residents are entitled to exemption from tuition and certain fees if they present: (1) certification of blindness or deafness (2) proof of Texas residency (3) high school diploma or GED equivalency (4) letter of recommendation by the high school principal, clergyman, public official or other responsible individual and (5)letter of student intent.

Competitive Scholarship Waiver (Section 54.213 Texas Education Code)

The nonresident portion of tuition is waived. The student is responsible for the payment of resident tuition. Waivers are granted to a limited number of students. To qualify for this waiver a student must be a nonresident or international student receiving competitive scholarships in an amount equal to or greater than $1,000. Recipients must have competed with other students, including Texas residents, for the award, which must be administered by a school-recognized scholarship committee.

Economic Development and Diversification (Section 54.222 Texas Education Code)

The nonresident portion of tuition is waived. The student is responsible for the payment of resident tuition. Waivers are granted to a limited number of students. This waiver is available for nonresident and domiciled international students whose families transferred to Texas as a part of the State's Economic Development and Diversification Plan.

Military Personnel and Dependents (Section 54.241 Texas Education Code)

Officers or enlisted personnel of the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard, or Coast Guard Reserves of the United States who are assigned to duty in Texas are entitled to register themselves, their spouses and their children at the University by paying Texas resident tuition and fees. This tuition waiver is without regard to the length of time they have been assigned to duty or resided in the state.

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Senior Citizens (Section 54.365 Texas Education Code)

Senior citizens (persons 65 years and older) who wish to obtain academic credit may enroll for up six semester credit hours of courses offered by the University each term without payment of tuition if space is available and if admission requirements are met. Students are responsible for the payment of all mandatory fees. Credit hours taken more than six hours will be charged normal tuition and fees. A senior citizen who wishes to audit a course offered by the University may do so without payment of tuition and fees, provided space is available and normal auditing requirements are met.

Student Employees (Section 54.212 Texas Education Code)

Teaching assistants and research assistants are entitled to register themselves, their spouses, and their children by paying the tuition and other fees charged to Texas residents. This residency waiver is without regard to the length of time they have resided in Texas, provided the students are employed at least one-half time in a teaching or research position relating to their degree program.

Texas Veterans – Hazlewood Act (Section 54.341 Texas Education Code)

The University exempts students from paying tuition and fees excluding the student service fee and residential fees (student center fee, health & wellness fee, and  parking fee).  Please see the Texas Veterans Commission website for detailed eligibility requirements.

By law, (Texas Hazlewood Act Statute (Texas Education Code §54.341) and Administrative Rules (40 Texas Administrative Code §461), Hazlewood is not retroactive. Applications and supporting documents much be received no later than the last class day of the semester to which the exemption will apply.

Educational Aide Exemption (Section 54.363 Texas Education Code)

To encourage certain Educational Aides to complete full teacher certification by providing need-based exemptions from the payment of tuition and certain mandatory fees at Texas public institutions of higher education.  Visit the College for All Texans website for eligibility requirements and applications.