University of Houston-Victoria

Student Affairs

Student Complaints

All students have a right to register complaints or grievances regarding their experience at the University of Houston-Victoria, and to receive a timely response from the appropriate university official. Before beginning a complaint, students should first try to work within the policies and processes to resolve any issues. Complaints and grievances are the last resort, when working within normal processes is not getting results. Complaints and grievances must be resolved by working with the area of the university most closely related to the issue. Therefore, there are several different ways to start a complaint. The primary way is to submit this complaint form.

Submit a Complaint

The following steps establish the process to be followed by all parties for complaints in areas other than those related to discrimination, sexual misconduct, or student conduct.

  1. The student should become familiar with the policies and processes related to the issue. Most policies and processes can be found in the Student Handbook or Academic Catalog, and there are resources available for many common issues at the eforms webpage.
  2. The student should attempt to resolve the issue with the person most directly involved, or with that person’s supervisor or department head. If the issue can be resolved through discussion, and if all people involved are satisfied with the resolution, this is considered an informal complaint, and no documentation is required.
  3. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached through discussion, the student may file a formal written complaint and submit it to the supervisor or department head of the person most directly involved in the conflict.
  4. A formal written complaint may be filed through one of the links on this page. Complaints submitted by email or letter are also considered formal.
  5. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution reached by the supervisor or department head, the decision may be appealed to a committee or administrator, as defined by the policy governing the type of complaint.
  6. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution reached by the committee or administrator, the decision may be appealed to the appropriate vice president, who will review whether university policies or procedures were followed in providing service to the student.
  7. The appropriate vice president may approve, reject, or modify the decision within 10 business days of receipt. The vice president will inform the student and the department of his or her decision in writing. The vice president’s decision is final.
  8. If the student is not satisfied with the final decision of the vice president, the student may file a written complaint to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
  9. The university will maintain a record of complaints for a minimum of five years and in accordance with city, state and/or national records maintenance standards. Records of non-academic complaints will be kept in the Office of Student Affairs. Records of academic complaints will be kept in the Office of the Dean of the school in which the complaint is filed.

For more information on Student Complaints, email Dr. Michael Wilkinson, or call 361-485-4408.