University of Houston-Victoria

Student Affairs


Student Complaints

To provide a supportive learning environment both inside and outside the classroom for all students, UHV has multiple mechanisms available to students to address any concerns about their educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Informal Student Complaints

Informal complaints about functions, processes, personnel or other members of the university community are typically handled through the normal administrative chain. Students who are unsure of the appropriate chain of command may contact the Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Dr. Jay Lambert, who will assist the student in directing the complaint. Students can call (361) 570-4290 or send an email.

Formal Student Complaints

Some types of student complaints require formal processes to resolve. The descriptions below should help students determine which formal process to follow. If students still have questions, they can contact Dr. Jay Lambert for assistance.

Academic Course or Faculty Concerns

Students who have concerns about an academic course or faculty member should address those concerns informally with the academic school that is offering the course(s), beginning with the faculty member. If students can't resolve the situation informally, they should follow the appropriate procedure as outlined by the school.

Grade appeals can be managed by submitting a grade appeal and following the guidelines as published in the Student Handbook under the section titled "Academic Sanctions and Appeals." Students are encouraged to begin with the informal grade appeal process prior to filing a formal grade appeal.

Student Complaints - Non-Anonymous

Students who don't wish to remain anonymous and who have tried to resolve an issue informally through the normal administrative chain can submit an electronic formal complaint through the student e-form system and it will be routed to the appropriate administrator for response and resolution. This system will not accept anonymous complaints from students. Submit a complaint through the e-forms system now.