University of Houston-Victoria

Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate is an elected body of the Faculty Council and represents the Faculty Council on a regular basis: (l) to provide a forum wherein any matter associated with the institution can be openly discussed by any faculty member; (2) to enable the faculty to reach informed collective decisions on academic matters; (3) to advise the administration on non-academic matters; and (4) to give the faculty a collective voice in issues relating to the exercise of academic freedom, professional rights, and professional responsibilities in the university community. The Faculty Senate consists of at least 9 members, 2 from each academic school and the members of the Executive Committee. Members of the Faculty Council of each of the academic schools choose their Senators.

Report to:

President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Faculty Council

Senate Committees 2015-16

Executive Committee
Jifu Wang - President
Beverly Tomek-Vice President
Rachel Martinez -Secretary
Elsa Soto Leggett -Past President


Undergraduate Affairs
Jeff Sartain-A&S (Returning)
Craig Goodman -A&S
Xiaobo Dong-Business (Returning)
Shengsheng Huang -Business
Teresa LeSage -Education (Returning)
Moira Baldwain -Education


Mark Ward –SoA&S
Dmitri Sobolev–SoA&S
Justin Bell–SoA&S
Joseph Ben-Ur-Business
Ron Salazar -Business
Rachana Kalelkar -Business
Linda Autry -Education
Katherine Bacon -Education
Mary Lasater-Education


Graduate Studies
Dmitri Sobolev-A&S (Returning)
Liane Tanguay -A&S
Chien-Ping Chen-Business (Returning)
Massomeh Hajilee -Business
Barbara Patton-Education (Returning)
Rose Alaniz -Education


Promotion and Tenure
Sandy Vennemann-A&S (Returning)
Alireza Tavakkoli -A&S
Joseph Ben-Ur-Business (Returning)
Massoud Metghalchi -Business
Andria Young -Education
Rachel Martinez-Education (Returning)


Policy Review
Beverly Tomek -Chair
Hongyu Guo -A&S
Chien-Ping Chen -Business
Louis Lloyd-Zannini -Education


Don Loffredo -A&S
Hongyu Guo-A&S (Returning)
Chien-ping Chen -Business
Jonathan Du -Business (Returning)
Andria Young -Education
Paul Carlson-Education (Returning)


Faculty Development Leave Committee
Sandy Venneman -Chair
Sandy Venneman-A&S (Returning)
Jie Yang -Business
Jennifer Boswell -Education


Faculty Awards
Elise Hendricker-A&S
Beverly Tomek -A&S (Winner)
Ron Salazar-Business (Winner)
JoAnn Olson –Education (Winner)
Margaret Rice -Education
Jie Yang -Business


Budget Oversight
Katherine Bacon -Chair
Yong Glasure –Business
Katherine Bacon –SoEHD (Returning)


Texas Council of Faculty Senates
Jifu Wang
Beverly Tomek


Core Curriculum
Louie Ren - Business
Yong Glasure – Business
Barba Patton – Education
Estella DeLosSantos – Education
Justin Bell -A&S
Jennifer Ortiz Garza-A&S
Craig Goodman-A&S
Ricardo Texeira-A&S