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UH-Victoria is a comprehensive four year institution located in Victoria. The institution serves the Coastal Bend and Houston area. UH-Victoria is committed to effective teaching, research, community outreach, collaboration with others, and responsiveness to students. The university has systematic processes in place for assessment, communications, and implementation with regard to meeting these commitments.

Assessment Processes

  • An on-line survey of student satisfaction is conducted annually.
  • A survey of alumni satisfaction is also conducted biennially.
  • Student evaluation of instruction is mandatory for every course and is used by the academic schools in the annual evaluation of faculty performance. Academic support units, such as the library and computer center, as well as some administrative units, conduct periodic surveys of user/customer satisfaction.
  • Each academic and administrative unit submits annually an assessment report, and an overall summary report is prepared and distributed.
  • The results of the above surveys and the overall assessment report are reviewed at least annually by the President’s Cabinet, as well as by the appropriate academic and administrative units.
  • This assessment information is fed into the planning and budgeting process that occurs each spring. Assessment findings result in the development of strategies and actions, as appropriate, with supporting budget allocations.

Communication and Resolution Processes

  • In addition to conducting regular surveys, the institution maintains a suggestion box on-line. Each suggestion or query is routed to the appropriate office for a written response. These responses are posted on the web site. Any follow-up actions are noted. A summary report on these actions has been prepared and distributed.
  • In an effort to ascertain community needs for educational programs and related services, the institution conducted a series of roundtables, or focus groups, with diverse sectors of the regional community, including commercial and nonprofit entities and including different racial/ethnic representatives. These roundtables led to the development of a regional Outreach Center,” which has received line-item funding from the Texas Legislature. The roundtables will be reconvened as needed to ensure that the university understands and is responding to community needs.
  • The institution maintains standard grievance and appeal procedures for students, as well as for employees. These are communicated to all students through university publications, particularly the "Student Handbook."
  • The institution makes every effort to deal with appeals and grievances as promptly as the nature of the concern and the nature of the relevant process permit.
  • The university also provides a question-and-answer column in the daily newspaper, The Victoria Advocate.

Points of Contact

  • Students and other members of the public who wish to get information or express concerns may email or call a single number and be routed to the appropriate office. Alternatively, if they know which office to contact, they may do so directly, by telephone, email, in writing, or in person.
  • Since universities are by their nature, complex and decentralized operations, and since accuracy is an important consideration, responses may occasionally take some time. In those cases the university attempts to get as clear an understanding of the problem as possible and then to get back to the person as soon as possible with an authoritative answer.

University Switchboard

(Telephone: (361) 570-4848 or (800) 970-4848, University Center Kiosk)

By calling this number, persons can be routed to the appropriate office for a response. More than one transfer may be necessary to reach the most authoritative source of information. If a response is not possible immediately, callers may leave their name and number, along with an explanation of their concern.

Academic Programs and Services

This division includes all degree programs, related instruction, and learning support.

Academic Colleges

  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences/College of Natural and Applied Science (Telephone: (361) 570-4201)
  • College of Business (Telephone: (361) 570-4231)
  • College of Education and Health Professions (Telephone: (361) 570-4261)


  • Academic Center (Telephone: (361) 570-4288, Location: University West, first floor)
  • Information Technology (Telephone: (361) 570-4390, Location: University Center, second floor)
  • Center for Teaching Innovation (Telephone: (361) 570-4282, University West, second floor)
  • Library (Telephone: (361) 570-4151 or (800) 687-5006)

Student and Enrollment Services

This division oversees admissions, registration, scholarships, work-study, and other forms of financial aid, as well as student activities, career development, and services for students with disabilities. It is generally the starting point for any student appeals.

  • Admissions and Records (Telephone: (361) 570-4110, Location: University West, first floor)
  • Financial Aid (Telephone: (361) 570-4128, Location: University West, first floor)
  • Student Solutions (Telephone: (361) 570-4133, Location: University West, first floor)

Administration and Finance

This divisions provides a variety of services, including maintenance of campus facilities, parking, campus safety, financial transactions, including billings and collections, and financial reporting.

  • Business Services (Telephone: (361) 570-4858, Location: University West, first floor)
  • Facilities Services (Telephone: (361) 570-4804, Location: Facilities Services-Outreach Building)
  • Finance (Telephone: (361) 570-4852, Location: University West, first floor)
  • Information Technology (Telephone: (361) 570-4390, Location: University Center, second floor. This unit provides both academic and administrative support.)

University of Houston-Victoria web site

Students and other members of the public are welcome to visit UHV web site, where they will find information on a variety of university activities.

Off Campus Centers

Students who attend classes at a UH System Off Campus Center may also contact the office staff there if they have questions or concerns. Their inquiries will be addressed or appropriately routed.

UHV at Katy
22400 Grand Circle Blvd., Suite 206, Katy, TX 77449

Customer Service Representative

Chance Glenn
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Telephone: (361) 570-4321
Fax: (361) 580-5514