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Short Term Programs

Short Term University Programs

Are you an international student, enrolled at a college/university at an institution outside of the U.S. looking to enroll for one or two semester study at an U.S. institution? If yes, UHV offers the best programs for you. This is a great opportunity not only to you but to UHV as a campus. You will gain the true American experience of taking courses at an U.S. classroom, live at the residence halls, experience life in the U.S. by creating lifelong friends from all over the world. Upon completion you return to your university back home and graduate from your back home university. We strongly recommend to check with your back home university for course transfer. Short term study at UHV is a great opportunity to boost your job prospective as you have a study abroad experience in the U.S.

For more information connect with our International Programs Office. Our short term programs are only for few academic major/program fields. Please check our Academic Majors Guide website for the list of majors available. When you are connecting with the International Programs Office, please remember to indicate that you are a “Short Term Program Student”

Fall: May 1st
Spring: October 1st

Estimate Cost per semester

(Tuition, fees, room and board, books, health insurance, Misc expenses)
Undergraduate student $12,300
Graduate Student: $10,920
MBA student: $11,743

* Undergraduate students are required to enroll for 12 credits, and graduate students are required to enroll for 9 credits.

** If interested, please email to complete the application. The application deadline for Short Term University programs for college/university international students are May 1st for fall semester, and October 1st for spring semester. We do not accept summer applications.


Graduate Assistantships

F-1 Graduate students will have the opportunity to receive graduate assistantships.  Graduate students are eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships each semester they are enrolled at UHV.  These limited positions are renewed each semester or academic year, depending on the needs of the College of Liberal Arts, College of Natural and Applied Science, College of Business, and the College of Education and Health Professions.  Please contact your academic school for information on how to apply for the graduate assistantships:

College of Natural and Applied Science

College of Business

College of Education and Health Professions

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

If you are approved to receive a graduate assistantship, you will be notified by mail and the letter will list the terms of employment.  You may need to accept the terms of employment by signing the letter and returning it to the academic school to be eligible for the assistantship. Check with your academic school to make yourself aware of their procedures.  A copy of the letter will be sent to the International Programs Office to be placed in your student file.  Please visit the International Programs Office to apply for your social security number. Once the assistantship is awarded please work with the Human Resources Office and/or Student Billing. 

Please work with the appropriate academic school to learn of the total cost of the graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are awarded only to graduate students and must be approved by the appropriate academic school. The work involved must be relevant to the recipient’s degree program and of value to the university. Assistantships are ordinarily provided by the academic schools but may also be provided by other administrative units, so long as the assistantship meets the above criteria and is approved in writing by the dean of the appropriate school.

F1 students may be engaged in Graduate Assistantships throughout their program and it will have no effect on post-completion Optional Practical Training. Work is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session.  

Please contact the International Programs for more information about the above scholarships and assistantships.

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