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International Programs

Online Courses for International Students

Online Courses for International Students

Due to COVID-19 International students are able to enroll for hybrid, online or face-2-face courses. If you are a new F-1 visa holder student to UHV - you must enroll in a minimum of one class face-2-face. Please consult with the International Programs prior to registering for courses. The below requirement(s) are during normla times. New guidelines are placed for F-1 and J-1 visa holder students in regards to their course enrollment. 

Before registering for courses each semester, please consult your academic advisor. The information below is for you to maintain your immigration status accurately. We strongly encourage you to work with your academic advisor in the registering or dropping of your courses. Please visit the Enrollment Requirements page pertaining to enrollment information.

  • Undergraduate Students
    Undergraduate students are required to maintain 12 credits in order to be in compliance with their F-1/J-1 regulations. Undergraduate international students must take a minimum of 9 face-to-face credits. Anything above 9 face-to-face credits can be online.
  • Graduate Students
    Graduate students must take 9 credits in order to be in compliance with their F-1/J-1 regulations. A graduate international student must take 6 face-to-face credits and any number of online courses once they have registered for the 6 face-to-face credits.

If it is your last semester at UHV, international students can take below fulltime course load. Please consult International Programs Office for authorization to drop below fulltime.