University of Houston-Victoria

Information Technology


UHV offers all currently enrolled students an allotment of $15 per semester for printing.


Printing from University computers:

  1. Select one of the printer queues
    • UHV Print BW for black and white
    • UHV Print Color for color
      • See below for color printer availability
  2. Visit an Omega Release Station once jobs are submitted and login.

Computers located in Jaguar Hall 1121, and Jaguar Suites 2nd and 3rd floor are direct print to printers located in these rooms.

Omegas Release Stations:

  1. Log in:
  • UHV Students:
    • Scan Paw Pass
    • Login with UHV 7 digit student ID and password
  • Library Patrons:
    For first time use, you will need to register your card. After registration of your card, you will only have to scan it in the future.
    • Scan your card
    • Type in the 14 digit barcode
    • Type in your PIN

2. Select which jobs you would like to release


In Victoria:

  • University Center computer labs
  • University Commons – Library 2nd and 3rd floor
  • University West 104
  • University South 216
  • Jag Hall Atrium Computer Lab
  • Jag Suites 139 Computer Lab
  • Jag Court Computer Lab
  • Smith Hall Computer Labs

In Katy:

  • KAB 108
  • Virtual Library
  • KAB 206

Printing is available at the following locations:

  • University Center 2nd floor computer labs
    • Black/white and color
  • University Commons Library 2nd and 3rd floor
    • Black/white and color
  • University West
    • Black/white only
  • University South
    • Black/white only
  • Jaguar Village computer labs
    • Black/white only
  • Smith Hall computer labs
    • Black/white only
  • Katy Academic Building 1 108, Virtual Library, 206    
    • Black/white

Mobile Printing:

You can print from your own device to a printer in two ways.

  1. Login to https://print.uhv.edu/
  2. UHV students login with your 7 digit Student ID number and password
  3. Library Patrons login with your library card number and PIN.
  4. Select Upload and choose what files you would like to upload for printing.
  5. Once job is uploaded, you can adjust the print job using Print Options
  6. Release your print job at an Omega Release Station.


UHV users can email print jobs:

If this is your first time emailing your print job, you will receive a Registration email. Complete these steps.

Once confirmation has been received to your email, you can then release your print job at an Omega Release Station.

How to purchase more pages:

All enrolled UHV students start out with 500 print pages a semester.

If additional pages are required, more pages can be purchased at UHV Connect.
For pages to be added to the print purse, receipts must then be printed out and brought to the following locations:

Help Desk - UC203
Library Circulation Desk

Room 108

No monetary refunds will be given.

Printing Rates:

UHV Pricing:

  • Black/white, one side: .03
  • Black/white, two sided: .05
  • Color, one side: .10
  • Color, two sided: .15

All Other User Pricing

  • Black/white, one side: .05
  • Black/white, two sided: .08
  • Color, one side: .15
  • Color, two sided: .25

Need Help?


Victoria: 361-570-4399