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University of Houston-Victoria

Human Resources


Employment of Foreign Nationals

H-1B Non-Immigrant Workers in Specialty Occupation

This information is for the University of Houston-Victoria hiring departments that have hired or are interested in hiring a nonimmigrant.  This information does not constitute legal advice.

The H-1B Visa is a temporary, nonimmigrant visa issued to a foreign national who has specialized education credentials and who has been offered a position requiring the application of a theoretical and specialized body of knowledge acquired in his/her degree program.  Petitions for H-1B status is reserved for individuals who have been offered full-time faculty positions.

H-1B Request Procedures

To initiate the H-1B process, the hiring department must complete the Request to Petition for H-1B and send the completed and signed form to the Benefits/HRMS Manager located in the Human Resources Department.  The request form must include signatures from the hiring department official and the Provost, and must also include the cost center information that will be charged for the filing fees and mailing services.  Once the H-1B request form is received in the Human Resources Department, the Benefits/HRMS Manager will send the foreign national a checklist/questionnaire in order to obtain the proper information and documents to support the H-1B petition.  The Benefits/HRMS Manager will prepare the remaining forms (Employer Labor Condition Statement, Actual Wage Determination Worksheet and the Export Control Form), and will forward to the hiring department for signature.  Once all forms are completed and approved, the Benefits/HRMS Manager will forward all forms and supporting documents to the UH Immigration Specialist who will review the documents before filing the Labor Condition Application (LCA).  At this point, the sponsoring department will be contacted by the Benefits/HRMS Manager to begin the process of obtaining the filing fee checks.

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