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Regalia and Invitations

Graduation Regalia

Bachelor Regalia Package:
The Bachelor's package includes the black one-size-fits-all cap, black gown with red striping and the UHV logo, and a black tassel.

Master Regalia Package:
The Master's package includes your black one-size-fits-all cap, black gown with red striping and the UHV logo, degree specific tassel, and a degree specific hood. The color of the hood depends on the degree you will be receiving. Please be aware that the gown in the bachelor's package is different than the gown in the master's package. Your hood color is determined by the degree you will be receiving. See below:

To order your regalia package, visit the following website. The last day to order your regalia online and have it shipped directly to you per Herff Jones website is Thursday, April 13, 2023. After this date, regalia will only be available for purchase in person at the UHV bookstore, Jag Station, located in Victoria inside the University Commons building. Regalia is currently available to purchase in person at the Jag Station bookstore.  

Jaguar Spirit Cords

Don't miss your chance to join the tradition of giving back to UHV and wearing a Jaguar Spirit Cord during commencement to demonstrate your pride and affinity for UHV. It's an excellent way to celebrate your time at UHV and help support UHV's alumni outreach and engagement efforts. The Jaguar Spirit Cords are red, black and gold, and worn during the commencement ceremony along with any other graduation cords.

Reserve your Jaguar Spirit Cord on UHV Connect. Contact Kelsey Norgard at 361-570-4869 for more information.

If you are a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, we would like to honor you during the commencement ceremony by providing you with a red, white, and blue Patriot Cord to wear at no cost. To receive a Patriot Cord, please complete the following form. We will disperse the Patriot Cords to graduating Veterans the day of the commencement ceremony only. We will do so at the check-in area.

If you are graduating with honors, you will receive an Honor Cord for free the day of the commencement ceremony. When you arrive for check in, please ensure you stop by the Registrar and Student Records table to pick up your Honor Cord. For questions on whether you are graduating with honors or not, contact the Registrar and Student Records Office directly at 361-570-4368

First-generation college students are defined as “any student whose parents, or guardians, did not complete a four-year college or university degree”. If you are a first-gen student who will be graduating this upcoming semester, and would like to have a free cord, please visit the Student Life webpage. 

Please feel free to reach out to Freddie Cantu in Student Life if you have any questions!


Announcements can be ordered through Herff Jones. You can place your order from their website, or call 281-353-2774.


If you have additional questions, please contact graduation@uhv.edu. All correspondence about graduation and commencement will be sent to your UHV email account.

Share your commencement photos on social media using hashtag #UHVGRAD