University of Houston-Victoria


The Jaguar Ring


An initiative that was three years in the making, UHV unveiled its official class ring during its 2017 Homecoming. Led by SGA, the class ring was designed by students working in conjunction with staff and administrators. Rings may be purchased by UHV alumni or students who have completed at least 60 credit hours toward their degree by visiting www.balfour.com. During the spring semester, a ceremony is held for students who have earned their class ring. The ring is a source of pride and accomplishment, and an identifier of UHV alumni. Below is what the different elements on the ring represent:

River – The river with hidden kayaks represents the Guadalupe River in Riverside Park, one of Victoria’s landmarks and a place where many students go for outdoor activities as well as UHV baseball games in Riverside Stadium.

Gazebo – The gazebo represents the DeLeon Plaza in downtown Victoria where students attend many festivals the city hosts. The plaza is a signature landmark in the Crossroads.

Pyramids – The two pyramids, part of Pyramid Row, are a staple of the UHV campus. This spot is where students complete Jaguar Journey new student orientation and participate in many other activities throughout the year. The pyramids are one of the first landmarks students identify when talking about the UHV campus.

Texas and Jaguar - On one side, the ring features the UHV Athletics jaguar mascot on top of an outline of the state of Texas. These symbols are meant to be especially meaningful for Texas natives who are proud of their roots, and for out-of-state and international students who will have a memento of the time they spent in Texas. The mascot is a unifying symbol for students who are proud to call themselves Jaguars.

UHV Logo – Part of the UHV logo is highlighted on the ring since it is the symbol that most students, faculty, staff and alumni identify with when they think of the university.

Academic Seal – The UHV seal is featured on the top of the ring, representative of all of the time and effort it takes students to succeed academically to reach the point of obtaining a class ring. 

For more information, please contact Kelsey Norgard, director of alumni relations and annual giving, at (361)570-4869.