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There are several options a student has when it comes to getting textbooks for classes. These include buying, renting, downloading eBooks or borrowing. There is not a right or wrong choice when it comes to textbooks, but you should know your options before making your selection. Below is a list of pros and cons to consider. To find out which books you need for classes, consult your course syllabi or visit the Jag Station bookstore


Pros:      The book is yours and you can keep, sell or lend it to someone else.

In some cases, you can sell the book back to the bookstore.

Cons:     This typically is the most expensive option.


Pros:      This is a cost-effective option.

It prevents you from accumulating a library of textbooks.

Cons:     It can be expensive if you miss the deadline for sending the book back to the lender.


Pros:      eBooks download instantly to your laptop, tablet or other personal electronic devices.

This is a cost-effective option.

You can easily make and search for notes and highlights.

Cons:     It can be difficult on your vision.

Buyback options are not available.

The availability is limited.


Pros:      It’s free.

Cons:     The book may be worn.

Some books require an online access code that is only good for one-time use.