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The University of Houston-Victoria Jag Station campus bookstore is located on the first floor of UHV University Commons, 3006 N. Ben Wilson St. It is open to the public.

In Jag Station, students can purchase or rent textbooks as well as buy school supplies and UHV-branded gear.


Textbooks can be found either at the store or online, and orders usually are ready to pick up the next business day, if not sooner. The store also offers a price-match option for textbooks that are available for a better price through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. However, this does not apply to discounted prices. Here are the different ways students can get textbooks for their classes:


The book is yours, and you can keep, sell or lend it to someone else. In some cases, you can sell the book back to the bookstore.

This typically is the most expensive option.


This is a cost-effective option. It prevents you from accumulating a library of textbooks.

It can be expensive if you miss the deadline for sending the book back to the lender.


eBooks download instantly to your laptop, tablet or other personal electronic devices. This is a cost-effective option. You can easily make and search for notes and highlights.

It can be difficult on your vision. Buyback options are not available. The availability is limited.


It’s free.

The book may be worn. Some books require an online access code that is only good for one-time use.

School Supplies

In addition to textbooks, Jag Station offers a variety of school supplies. Students can get basic supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks and pads of graph paper, protractors and calculators. The store also sells North Face backpacks, USB memory sticks, earbuds and headphones, battery chargers and more.

UHV Merchandise

Another exciting benefit of Jag Station is easy access to UHV merchandise. Customers can shop for apparel and fan gear, including T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, hoodies and hats. In addition, there are a myriad of other items with the UHV and Jaguars logos, such as cups, tumblers, umbrellas and decals. Whether it’s clothing, swag or a gift for your favorite UHV student, you can find it at Jag Station.