University of Houston-Victoria

Counseling Center

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to assist and support students, parents, faculty, and staff with their counseling needs. Services are free and confidential.

Individual Therapy

This service involves one-on-one sessions with a counselor. Students can get individual help for a variety of concerns such as psychological problems (i.e. depression, anxiety), processing through trauma experiences, and many other types of support depending on the need.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling is available when one member of the couple is a UHV student. This service allows for the couples to work on the relationship, instead of the individual mental health concerns. Couples counseling can also help friends or roommates resolve communication/relationship problems.

Group Therapy

The Counseling Center offers psychoeducational (skills-building) and traditional group therapy (Understanding Self and Others groups).

Group Counseling is sometimes the best approach for the following therapy goals:

  • Improving relationships (including connecting to others)
  • Overcoming fears related to social anxiety
  • Building strategies for managing stress
  • Reducing anxiety, worry, and nervousness
  • Managing problems with mood, such as depression
  • Processing through experiences of trauma
  • Developing anger management skills
  • Increasing knowledge of and ability to manage difficult emotions

If you are interested in group counseling, please contact the counseling center via email (, phone (361) 570-4135 /(855) 848-4279, or by visiting University Commons, Suite 2108.  

To join a therapy group, you will first complete brief paperwork and meet with one of the counselors. 

Emergency Services

The Counseling Center staff are available on-call during regular operation hours of the University as well as after hours.

In the event of an emergency on campus after regular hours or during university holidays, please call Campus Security: (361)570-4357 (361-570-HELP)

In life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

For mental health emergencies, the following resources are available locally:

  • UHV Counseling Center: (361) 570-4135 or (855)848-4279 (855-UHV-ICRY)
  • Gulf Bend Center: (877) 723-3422 (877-SAFEGBC)

National resources include:

Victim Advocacy

This service is available to students who have been involves with interpersonal violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Staff can meet with the student to provide information/resources, options, and/or accompaniment (such as when attending a sexual assault exam or a court hearing).


This service is available to students, staff/faculty, and parents who want information or connection to resources. A consultation could also occur with a student who wants advice on a particular situation, but does not need ongoing sessions. Consultations may also occur as a follow-up to former clients.


The Counseling Center offers a variety of informational sessions for groups of students, usually with an interactive or experiential component. The goal is to teach the students some information and help them build skills in a particular area.

The Don't Cancel that Class program is available for faculty to request the Counseling Center to provide information to students. Faculty can request this service through JagSync.

Houston Services

University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) has partnered with the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) to provide counseling services for UHV students attending classes in the Greater Houston area.  The services are confidential and free to currently enrolled UHV students. 

Making an Appointment

Phone: (713) 500-3327; toll-free (800) 346-3549 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You can speak with one of UTHealth’s customer service representatives for assistance in locating a provider near you who specializes in your problem. UTHealth has a network of licensed providers located throughout Greater Houston, so we can arrange a counseling appointment that is convenient to where you live in the area. 


Life-threatening emergencies: Call 9-1-1.

Other emergencies (24/7/365): Call (800) 346-3549 to speak to a licensed clinician who can provide immediate supportive counseling for any crisis.