Course Load

The Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (MSEDE) courses make you the expert that others will turn to when they need help growing their community's economy. From birth, to start-up, and on to growth, you'll have an overall picture of how businesses launch and grow. The MSEDE prepares you to be the entrepreneur and to be the one who assists entrepreneurs and executives to develop their businesses.

Online Classes Offer Flexibility & Convenience

The master's in economic development and entrepreneurship program was designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and working professionals who need a flexible program that works around their busy schedule. Classes are online, making it easy to dedicate time for earning your degree.

How Long to Complete the MS in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

The 30-credit-hour curriculum can be completed part time in two years. Full-time students can cut their degree completion nearly in half.
Part-time students typically take 6 credit hours per semester and three credit hours over the summer.
Full-time students typically take 9-15 credit hours per semester. Ten-week summer courses allow Economic Development and Entrepreneurship students to complete an additional 3-9 credit hours over the summer.

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