Capstone Project

Book PileThe Master of Science in economic development and entrepreneurship was designed to provide hands-on experience to the students. In our MSEDE program, you'll apply the knowledge you learn in our online classes to the real-world community you live and work in. We provide this unique opportunity through the MSEDE Capstone Project.

A Master's Degree with Hands-On Experience in Economic Development

  • You select the semester-long project with an economic development focus, an entrepreneurship focus, or both.
  • Your capstone project will be within the last 9 credit hours of completing the program so you'll have the knowledge and will apply it.
  • You'll gain experience in developing a project proposal that will be approved by your course instructor.
  • You'll have the opportunity to contact and work with local economic development organizations, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, business owners, and government agencies of your choosing.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Community Developers Hit the Ground Running

You decide what your MSEDE Capstone Project will be. Many of our past aspiring entrepreneurs and community developers hit the ground running with these projects, and you can consider these as inspiration points:

Proposal Guidelines

Success Stories