Graduate Certificates

Help your career with a graduate certificate

Our graduate certificates are a collection of MBA level courses that allow participants to concentrate in a management field without having to complete a full MBA degree. The certificates are designed to satisfy three needs:

To provide a new skill set

Professionals suddenly realize that they want to switch fields in their companies. If you need the knowledge in order to be considered for a position in finance or marketing within your own company, our certificates will provide you with deep understanding in the field that will make it easier get transferred/promoted in your firm.

To offer high quality alternatives to satisfy continuing education requirements

Many companies require employees to take certain number of hours as continuing education. However, not all CE programs are created equal. Our certificates are formed with full-fledged MBA courses that require HW assignments, exams, projects, etc.

To allow participants to receive relevant graduate level education in a short time

Most professionals have limited time. Students in need of a deep understanding in finance or marketing, but without time for a full MBA degree, will be able to get a graduate certificate in one year or less. Candidates uncertain whether the full MBA is the right path for them will also be able to receive a certificate in a relevant field.

Important features of our Graduate Certificates:

Our courses are taught online and are offered in spring and fall semesters (16 week) and summers (9-10 week).

In order to enroll into these certificates, a student must have received a graduate degree or acceptance into a graduate program at UHV.

We currently offer two fields of study:

Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance and Investments

Prerequisite: FINC 6352 (this course may be waived if the student has completed any FINC course at the graduate level)

The following four courses in finance*:

FINC 6361 Investments
FINC 6362 Financial Institutions & Markets
FINC 6363 Financial Modeling
FINC 6364 Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

Prerequisite: MKTG 6352 (this course may be waived if the student has completed any MKTG course at the graduate level)

Choose 4 of the following marketing courses*:

MKTG 6371 Seminar in Consumer Behavior
MKTG 6372 Marketing Research
MKTG 6373 Seminar in Business to Business Marketing
MKTG 6374 Seminar in Services Marketing
MKTG 6375 Seminar in Integrated Marketing Communication
MKTG 6377 International Marketing
MKTG 6378 Seminar in e-Marketing


Our Graduate Certificates are ideal for individuals who wish to:

  • gain further expertise in a new field of study
  • change jobs or area of expertise
  • fulfill personal development requirements in their organizations
  • continue lifelong learning activities

*Coursework may not be applied to both a certificate program and a graduate degree program.

For more information, email our advisors or call  1 (800) 687-4293