Course Load

The Bridge Strategic MBA program is designed to be flexible for international students (non-U.S. nationals residing in the U.S. or those interested in studying in the U.S. on a student visa) who received a three-year baccalaureate degree (typically around 90 credit hours) instead of a four-year degree. The flexibility of the program fits the needs of both full-time and part-time students. All students take bridge classes and core classes, plus courses in their chosen area of concentration.

Where You Will Take Classes

You can take classes using one of the following methods or a combination of the following methods:

  • Online classes
  • On-campus classes in Victoria.
  • Face-to-face instruction in Katy.

How Long to Complete the Strategic MBA

The 61-credit-hour curriculum can be completed part time in just over three years or full time in just over two years.

Full-time students typically take 9-15 credit hours per semester. Eight-week and 10-week summer courses allow Strategic MBA students to complete an additional 6-12 credit hours.

Part-time students typically take six credit hours per semester and three credit hours over the summer.

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