Events for Students and Alumni

Connection to the industry

As part of our community engagement strategy, the SBA strives to provide our students and alumni with opportunities to connect to real life companies, to listen to the experience of industry leaders, to learn about job opportunities and to be part of the growing UHV network.

We do this through events that we schedule every semester:

Distinguished Speaker Lectures: Initiated with the generous support of the Willis Group, this series of lectures brings industry leaders to our teaching locations to discuss their experiences and to provide students with tips on how to be successful in the real world.

Alumni Week: Our graduates return to share their experience with current students. In face-to-face classes, our alumni explain the connections between what they learn in the classroom and their jobs.

Case competitions/conference:  Undergraduate students taking the MGMT 4309 capstone course work in teams and present their analysis and recommendations for a public company. Alumni and individuals in related industries are invited to listen and evaluate student presentations. Awards for the top teams are given for the BBA case competition. 

Opportunities to participate in these events are available to all SBA current students and SBA alumni. Please contact us by email if you would like to volunteer for alumni week, volunteer as a panelist for the case competition, or attend one of the lecture series events.