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Top 6 Student Apps to Download

Top 6 Student Apps to Download

As a student, especially in this virtual learning climate, it is important to take advantage of as many tools as you can to help alleviate the pressure.

Did you know that The American Institute on Stress reports that 80 percent of college students struggle with frequent stress?

That is why taking steps to better manage your life as a college student is important. It can help to minimize your stress and improve your experience.

Listed below are six student apps to download that can help you stay organized, be more productive, and feel your best.

  1. Skimble Workout Trainer
    Skimble App

    Skimble Workout Trainer is a great app for students who want to work out but are not sure what to do. This app provides you with access to thousands of workouts, many of which you can do at home without any equipment (a must while sheltering in place and spending more time indoors).

    From yoga to strength training, the app offers something for everyone, no matter your interests or fitness level.

  2. Any.do

    If you are stressed out and don’t feel that you have a firm handle on your schedule, Any.do can help. This is a free, easy-to-use organization app that is perfect for busy college students.

    It is designed to help users keep track of important tasks and chores and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

    When you use Any.do, you can break down tasks and assignments into smaller sub-tasks.

    You can also sort them by priority and share them with others (making it a great option when working on group projects, especially since, right now, you’re doing all your work online and can’t get together with your classmates in-person).

  3. Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams App

    Speaking of group projects, another app that can help you collaborate with project partners or your study group is Microsoft Teams. This app allows you to make video calls, share your screen, send chat messages, share and work together on files, and much more, making it incredibly versatile.

    You also receive web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and have access to a ton of integrated apps.

    If you’re looking for an all in one collaboration experience, Microsoft Teams may be for you.

  4. Forest
    Forest App

    Lots of college students struggle to stay focused when studying, and it is no wonder why. It is easy to be tempted by the lure of social media or Netflix (which is particularly tempting while we are all staying safe at home).

    When you need to buckle down and get things done or avoid distractions in class, Forest comes to the rescue.

    This app encourages sustained, interruption-free work by growing a virtual tree while you tackle items on your to-do list.

    It takes at least 30 minutes of consistent work for a tree to grow and be added to your forest.

    When a tree is added to your forest, you earn virtual coins that go toward planting actual trees worldwide.

    If you check your phone or visit an unapproved site during that time, the tree dies.

    How’s that for motivation?

  5. Mendeley
    Mendeley App

    Writing research papers can be a challenge for a lot of students, but Mendeley makes the process a bit easier.

    Mendeley is a free app that can help you write research papers in a more efficient way.

    This reference manager and social website gives you easy access to research articles while you are working at home, and you can save them as PDFs to reference and annotate during the writing process.

    The app also helps you to create citations for these articles in just a few steps.

  6. Insight Timer
    Insight Timer App

    Finally, we cannot talk about student apps that help to relieve stress without mentioning the Insight Timer app.

    Considering the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it seems safe to say that everyone could benefit from a little more mindfulness, and Insight Timer is the perfect free app to help with that.

    This app features a variety of guided meditations recorded by some of the world’s leading meditation experts.

    There is also a free timer included for self-led meditation sessions.

Bonus - JAG Apps

Jag Apps

Do you have these UHV apps?

First is the Handshake App. This is a great tool for UHV students who need help finding jobs (including flexible and remote jobs) that work with their busy schedules.

If you are feeling anxious about how you’re going to make ends meet while getting an education, this app is for you.

Next, we have the Blackboard App, which amplifies your digital classes.

Blackboard has been around for a while now, but the mobile app takes their system to the next level through real-time connection.

Then, there’s Navigate Student, which is essentially your very own digital advisor.

This app helps you keep track of your schedule, find the resources you need, and connect to professors, advisors, and tutors with a few taps on your phone.

Honorable Mention

We had to include a good hurricane tracking app.

After all, UHV is located in Victoria, Texas, and is no stranger to hurricanes.

Max Hurricane Tracker is a free app created by Max Mayfield, the former director of the National Hurricane Center.

It features interactive maps and lots of helpful information that will make it easier for you to weather the storms (no pun intended).

Try Out the Apps Today

The new normal involves at home learning and we are all adjusting accordingly.

Hopefully, this list of apps is something you find useful and can apply to your daily learning.

Keep this list of apps in mind so you can easily access resources that help you to stay organized, focused, and productive.

We want to hear from you, what apps do YOU use on a daily basis?