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Why UHV’s Undergraduate International Business Program?

Are you interested in international travel and working with the world’s top multinational companies? If so, the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a concentration in International Business from the University of Houston-Victoria might be the perfect fit for you.

UHV's BBA program with a concentration in International Business is designed to teach students about international trade and the proper steps for entering foreign markets. This concentration covers a variety of topics related to international business, including the ins and outs of foreign trade, cross-cultural communication and more.

As a student in the program, you will learn the essentials of conducting business domestically and overseas and will have a chance to learn from industry professionals who have firsthand experience working with foreign executives and making international deals.

The opportunity to study abroad and learn a foreign language as part of the program is especially noteworthy and makes our program stand out. You will gain firsthand experience in how business is conducted outside of the U.S.


Degree Requirements

The Program Experience

First Step to Your Undergraduate International Business Program

To fulfill the BBA in International Business course requirements, students must earn 120 credit hours, including 42 university core courses, lower and upper division business core courses, and international business concentration courses.

The few courses that are not available online can be taken in person in Victoria or Katy. We have many options available at different times throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule.

Completing the BBA in International Business is also your first step toward earning a Strategic MBA. If you wish to further your education, an MBA will provide advanced knowledge and expertise, which will allow you to move into more advanced positions in multinational companies.

Take the Next Step

An undergraduate degree in international business prepares you for a wide range of careers:

  • International Business Analyst
  • Multinational Team Leader
  • International Consultant
  • Public Relations Expert
  • Trade Specialist

Key Benefits of UHV

What makes UHV’s BBA in International Business program special?

We work hard to provide our students with the resources and support they need to hit the ground running and land their dream job after graduation.

Our program provides the skills necessary to navigate today's international landscape. Students gain knowledge from international business experts who provide real-world educational experiences so you will feel comfortable and confident in any international business setting.


Who Should Apply?

Anyone who is interested in understanding the management of business in an international context is a good fit for UHV’s BBA in International Business program.

There are many benefits that come with choosing UHV’s program, including affordable tuition, flexible class offerings, and instruction from experienced industry professionals. 

With courses available online and face-to-face in Victoria and the UHV instructional site in Katy, we aim to be as flexible as possible. Being a part of UHV’s program will give you the confidence to take the next step in your international journey.

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Learn What It’s Like to be a Jaguar!

Nafis Bhuiyan
"My MBA equipped me with the skill set necessary to meet today's challenges. I had to learn very quickly but I was able to succeed."
Nafis Bhuiyan, Class of 2010
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