Student Services

‌Advisors are here to help you from your first semester on through graduation. Contact our advisors with any questions you may have concerning:

  • Degree planning
  • Course transfers
  • Course selections

Student talking with UHV staff member

Get Involved with UHV Student Organizations.

Student organizations provide opportunities to enhance your collegiate experience. You will learn to network, make new friends, set and achieve goals, and discover new talents. The more involved you become, the more you will benefit from your educational experiences. As you grow at UHV, you will become part of a team that will bond you for a lifetime.

Meet Like-Minded Students at Campus Activities and Events

One of the best ways to meet like-minded students on campus is to attend events and participate in activities that interest you. Some of our most popular are listed below, or you can look over our campus calendar.

We Support You.

We want you to stay healthy. If you have questions about immunizations, the flu, student health insurance, or just need to see a doctor, our Health Services staff can help.

We have many resources to keep you going. One of the secrets to long-term success is to keep body and mind healthy and happy. Reach out to our Student Affairs department if you need help finding the right support systems to resolve issues that interfere with keeping your body and mind happy and healthy.

Stop in to talk with our Disability Services staff at the UHV Counseling Center if there is anything we can do to provide you the support you need to have equal access to all our educational opportunities.

Start Your Education.

Interested but would like to learn more? Request more information about the degree or program that aligns with your career goals.

UHV School of Arts and Sciences has what you need and is the campus you want to grow your dreams. Get started on your educational dreams now and apply today.