Math Course Rotation

Fall Courses

MATH 2415 Calculus III  (Odd)
MATH 2320 Differential Equations (Even)
MATH 3391 Probability and Statistics  
MATH 4310 Fundamental Concepts of Analysis (Odd)
MATH 3347 Operations Research


MATH 4378 Numerical Analysis (Odd)
MATH 4300 Selected Topics (Even)

Spring Courses

MATH 3365 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs (Odd)
MATH 4311 Modern Algebra (Even)
MATH 3357 Introduction to Higher Geometry  
MATH 4351 Mathematical Modeling (Even)
MATH 3361 Linear Algebra


MATH 4391 Probability and Statistics II  
MATH 3391 Probability and Statistics  

Summer Courses

MATH 3362 Discrete Structures