Mathematical Science

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Degree Plan - B.A. in Mathematical Sciences

Degree Plan - B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

Credit Hours

120 Credit Hours

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Victoria (traditional semesters)

Katy (mostly evenings, traditional semesters)

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Secondary Teacher Certificate

At the University of Houston-Victoria, students can earn:

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Mathematical Science with a concentration in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Mathematics with Secondary Teaching Certification, offered in Victoria and Katy
  • MAIS with a concentration in Mathematics

As advancements in science and technology lead to expanding applications of mathematics, graduates with mathematical skills will be very marketable for positions in insurance, business, government, research, pharmaceuticals and mathematics education reform. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the following math-related fields are expected to grow rapidly: actuary, computer science, high-tech research and engineering, operations research, and management science. Want to learn more? Request information on the programs that interest you.

UHV's Mathematics program is designed to meet the needs of the student who:

  • intends to teach math on the secondary level
  • intends to pursue graduate studies in mathematics or a related area

Your needs and career objectives are a priority at UHV, where small classes ensure that individual attention will be given to progress in learning. At UHV, we know that the way to increase mathematics knowledge is to make its study a positive and rewarding endeavor. UHV offers B.A. or B.S. degrees in mathematics with the following options:

  • Mathematics (mathematical theory and applications)
  • Double major in mathematics and computer science
  • Secondary Teacher Certification

Benefits of majoring in mathematics:

  • Demonstrates to employers that you are not afraid of intellectual challenges.
  • Provides solid analytical training that enables you to learn what you need on the job.
  • Gives you the ability to think logically and quantitatively.
  • Makes you able to solve problems that are interesting, exciting and challenging.
  • Provides an analytical framework in which to make informed, thoughtful decisions.
  • May qualify you not just for one job, but for a whole range of possibilities.
  • Gives a virtually guaranteed teaching job, for those inclined toward a teaching profession.
  • Can be the stepping-stone for graduate studies in math or other fields such as computers or business.
  • Allows you to declare a double-major in mathematics for computer science and complete it in about the same amount of time as a math degree.
  • Employers respect Mathematics majors for the thinking skills they have acquired.

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STEM ERA Scholarship Application

Improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education in a Rural Area (ERA)

A National Science Foundation grant recently received by the University of Houston-Victoria has a goal of helping students majoring in mathematics and computer science. The grant provides $7,750 scholarships annually to 15 talented, low-income rural students with demonstrated financial need over a five-year period. The term “rural” for the purposes of this grant applies to VISD as well as smaller districts more traditionally considered rural. The project is led by Dr. Yun Wan, associate professor of computer science and chair of the STEM division, Dr. Beverly Tomek, associate professor of history and associate provost of university college and Dr. Joann Olson, associate professor of adult and higher education.

Beginning fall 2018, scholarships will be awarded to students. The following academic year, a new building will become available to the students. UHV anticipates its new 63,000-square-foot STEM building to be finished by August 2019. The building will be located on campus in front of University Center and will include lab space for biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, computer science, microbiology, computer engineering and mathematics. It also will feature classrooms, faculty and staff offices, an immersive 210-degree screen lab, a seminar room and gathering spaces. Thanks to this expansion, UHV will have the ability to add additional programs, such as engineering, in the future.

Students can complete the STEM ERA Scholarship Application online, and for more information about the grant or how to apply for scholarships, email or call Dr. Tomek directly at (361) 570-4145.

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