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UHV History Day

History not only teaches us about the past, it helps us more fully understand the present and work toward the future. It cultivates critical thinking and analytical writing, skills which are not only valuable to future employers but necessary for becoming an informed and active citizen of the world.

What can I do with a history degree?

A history degree opens up a number of career opportunities. According to the most recent data from the American Historical Association, history majors find gainful employment in education (as teachers and administrators), business (as managers and salespersons), the arts (as writers and editors), and in countless other fields. Graduate work, meanwhile, opens up additional opportunities, particularly in law, teaching, and administration. History alumni at UHV have gone on to establish successful careers in business management, school administration, law, and teaching.

Our degree plan

A Bachelor of Arts in History provides a well-rounded history education while offering students considerable flexibility to explore their interests with a number of different specialized courses. The degree plan also allows students to graduate according to their own schedule and timeline.

Our secondary teacher certification option

Many History majors at UHV may also obtain a Secondary Teacher Certification to teach grades 7 to 12.

Our course descriptions and course rotation

A list of history courses offered each semester for the next three years is available to help students plan their progress towards their degree. The History Program offers lower- and upper-division classes in U.S. and world history, ranging from the pre-modern world to contemporary times.

Our faculty

The History Program at UHV offers exciting courses in American, European, and world history. Dr. Laura Mammina offers classes on Race and Ethnicity, the Civil War Era, Sex and American society, and African American history. Dr. Joseph Locke teaches courses that include the history of Texas, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and the U.S-Mexico borderlands. Dr. Esther Cuenca specializes in medieval and modern Europe and offers courses on saints and witches, plague and pandemics, and world history from ancient times to the present. Dr. Beverly Tomek teaches courses in both U.S. and Atlantic World history, specializing in justice movements, including antislavery, labor movements, and civil rights.

In addition to our full-time faculty members, we have faculty who teach online and face-to-face courses for the History Program on a part-time basis. Dr. Hal Smith, retired UHV professor emeritus, teaches online courses in American and European history. Dr. Nicholas Cox teaches upper-division online courses in American and Latin American history. Ms. Amy Hatmaker, Director of Career Services at UHV, teaches lower-division U.S. history classes.

The De León Symposium

The Martín De León Symposium on the Humanities is held annually during Hispanic Heritage Month. Each year focuses on a different theme. The 33rd annual De León Symposium, for instance, held in 2019, explored the history of Mariachi music through a talk by an ethnomusicologist and a live performance by Mariachi Tapatío.

UHV History Day

Every spring we sponsor UHV History Day, an opportunity for current students and alumni to come together for lunch and a discussion of careers in history. Students and faculty also present and discuss aspects of their work. In the evening, we extend an invitation to the local community in Victoria to join us for a keynote lecture given by a prominent historian. If you would like to support our work, please think about contributing to our History Day fund, which pays for speakers’ fees, student prizes, and lunches.

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