Degree Plan

Course Rotation

Secondary Teacher Certification Option

A Bachelor of Arts degree in History provides you with a liberal arts education that can be valuable in career fields such as law, public administration, public service and education. By studying history, you learn key skills such as writing, critical analysis, research and interdisciplinary thinking, which are needed for a variety of careers. Want to learn more? Request information on the programs that interest you. Some possibilities with an undergraduate degree include:

  • Research historian
  • Policy analyst
  • Policy adviser
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • High school teacher
  • Museum guide
  • Tour guide
  • Archivist

The UHV program can also prepare you for graduate work, which can open up numerous opportunities. For example, graduate work in these areas could lead to jobs and careers such as:

  • History – junior college or university professor, applied researcher
  • Library Science – archivist, librarian, information manager
  • Law – lawyer, paralegal, policymaker, legislative staff member
  • Business – industry analyst, marketing researcher, trend analyst

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