Digital Gaming & Simulation

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Degree Plan - Digital Gaming & Simulation

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120 Credit Hours

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Victoria (traditional semesters)

Katy (mostly evenings, traditional semesters)

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UHV’s BS of Digital Gaming and Simulation will help you build and develop technical skills to look into and participate in the fast-growing broad field of creative technologies, that include (but it is not limited to) digital games, digital arts, computer animations, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, and VFX. Want to learn more? Request information on the programs that interest you.

You will also gain a cultural perspective on the history, philosophy, ethics, and sociology of digital games, and game playing. As the program grows, we plan to add additional components such as the business of gaming and serious game development.  

Some major requirements in this program include: Game Artificial Intelligence & Behavioral Modeling, Game Engines, Gaming Networks Architecture, Computer Graphics and Applications, 3D Modeling, Advanced Animation, and a Senior Project, which is a group activity involving an interdisciplinary team of programmers, artists, story writers and others.

Students pursuing this degree also have many electives to choose from, including Game Internship, Art for Gaming, Virtual Reality, Visual Communication, Multimedia.

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