Counseling Psychology Recommended Schedule

Counseling Psychology Recommended Schedule starting Fall 2016

Year One-Fall

PSYC 6321            Psychopathology I  (online)

PSYC 6333            Ethics and Practice of Psychology  (online)

PSYC 6334            Theories and Issues in Psychotherapy (online)

PSYC 6336            Intellectual Assessment  (face to face)


Year One-Spring

PSYC 6332            Advanced Social Psychology (online)

PSYC 6335            Techniques of Psychotherapy (face to face)

PSYC 6337            Personality Assessment (face to face)

PSYC 6352            Professional Practices (online)


Year One-Summer

PSYC 6331 or PSYC 6319      Multicultural Psychology or Vocational Psychology & Career Counseling (online)

PSYC 6338            Group Psychotherapy (face to face)


Year Two-Fall

PSYC 6303            Practicum

PSYC 6326            Advanced Research Methods (online)

PSYC 6330            Life-Span Developmental Psychology (online)

PSYC 6339            Theory and Techniques of Family Therapy (online)


Year Two-Spring

PSYC 6303            Practicum

PSYC 6322            Psychopathology II (online)

PSYC 6350            Addictions Counseling (online)

Students should plan to take their Comprehensive Examination this semester.


Year Two-Summer

PSYC 6303            Practicum

PSYC 6351            Crisis Counseling (online)

PSYC 6331 or PSYC 6319      *Multicultural Psychology or Vocational Psychology & Career Counseling   (online)

*Students accepted into the Counseling Psychology Program may take PSYC 6319 Vocational Psychology & Career Counseling the summer before the first Fall semester enrollment.