About Our Faculty

The UHV College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences faculty are diverse in talents and expertise but singularly focused in their dedication as professors, researchers, and mentors.

Photo of Jeffrey Sartain, Assistant Professor of English, sitting in a chair.

Educators. Researchers. Mentors.

Faculty at UHV School of Arts and Sciences are educators first. They are talented experts in their chosen fields of research. Most importantly, the faculty are dedicated to mentoring their students so when our students graduate, our alumni grow into the next generation of talented experts in their fields of study. Are you ready to meet our faculty? Apply now to get started.

Fulltime Faculty Directory

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Name Title Program Focus Phone
Kyoko Amano Dean (361) 570-4200
Casey Akins Senior Lecturer, Criminal Justice Criminal Justice (361) 570-4854
Keith Akins Director of Criminal Justice-Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
President, Faculty Senate
Criminal Justice (361) 570-4274
Kevin Auer Lecturer, Communication Design Communication Design (361) 485-4563
Andrew Baerg Professor of Communication Communication (361) 570-4201
Justin Bell Chair, Arts & Humanities Division
Director, UHV Honors Program
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy (361) 570-4312
Armando Chavez-Rivera Director of Spanish Program
Associate Professor of Spanish
Spanish (361) 570-4383
Esther Cuenca Assistant Professor, History History (361) 570-4340
Amy Cuevas Lecturer, Math Math (361) 652-4634
Rogerio DaSilva Director of Digital Gaming program
Assistant Professor of Gaming and Computer Science
Computer Science (361) 570-4204
Aaron Deason Lecturer, Communication Communication (361) 570-4567
Jeffrey R. Di Leo Professor of English and Philosophy English, Philosophy (361) 570-4200
Ali Dogan Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Director of BAAS program
Mathematics (361) 570-4344
Hashimul Ehsan Assistant Professor of Biology Biology (361) 570-4289
Nicole Eugene Assistant Professor of Communication Communication (361) 570-4201
Horace Fairlamb Director of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Professor of Humanities
Humanities (512) 667-4134
Ashley Fansher Assistant Professor Criminal Justice (361) 570-4201
Dagoberto Gilb Executive Director, Centro Victoria
Professor of Latino Studies
Latino Studies (361) 570-4108
Hardik Gohel Assistant Professor & Director of Research, Department of Computer Science
Director of Applied AI Research Laboratory
Computer Science (361) 570-4219
Craig Goodman Associate Professor of Political Science Political Science (361) 570-4224
Hongyu Guo Professor of Computer Science Computer Science (281) 396-3700
William Harkey Lecturer, English English (361) 570-4275
Rick Harrington Professor of Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4205
Elise Hendricker Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
Associate Professor of School Psychology
Psychology (281) 396-3706
Humberto Hernandez Assistant Professor, Biology Biology (361) 570-4201
Rebecca Heron Assistant Professor, Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4201
Junda Hu Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics (361) 570-4377
Saidat Ilo Assistant Professor of Political Science
Interim Program Coordinator of Political Science
Political Science (361) 570-4217
Wassim Itani Associate Professor of Computer Science Computer Science (361) 570-4201
Gen Kaneko Assistant Professor of Biology Biology (361) 570-4251
Brent Lang Assistant Professor, Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4283
Melanie Lemanski Assistant Professor, School Psychology
Practicum Coordinator
School Psychology Association (SPA), Faculty Advisor
Psychology (281) 396-3700
Joseph Locke Associate Professor of History
History Program Director
History (361) 570-4292
Evan Lowe Lecturer, Political Science Political Science (361) 570-4201
Anthony Madrid Director of Creative Writing
Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing
Humanities (361) 570-4307
Laura Mammina Assistant Professor of History History (361) 570-4316
Scheila Martins Director of Assessment
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Computer Science (361) 570-4258
Jesica McCue Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Clinical Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology (361) 570-4207
Amjad Nusayr Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Director of Undergraduate Computer Science Program
Computer Science (361) 570-4311
Tesneem Nusayr Visiting Assistant Professor Biology (361) 570-4201
Jennifer Ortiz-Garza Senior Lecturer, Psychology
Director of Undergraduate Psychology
Psychology (361) 570-4281
Jang Woo Park Associate Professor of Mathematics Mathematics (361) 570-4221
Karen Parsonson Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4191
Amina Patton Director of the Communication Design Program
Assistant Professor Communication Design
Communication Design (361) 485-4564
Catherine Perz Associate Professor of Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4223
Aleksandr Pikalov Assistant Professor Chemistry (361) 570-4201
Nadya Pittendrigh Director of English
Assistant Professor of English
Corequisite Remediation Liaison
English (361) 570-4211
Saba Razvi Associate Professor English English (361) 570-4215
Maria Salome Chavarria Salgado Senior Lecturer, Spanish Spanish (361) 570-4294
Jeffrey Sartain Coordinator of Professional Writing
Associate Professor English
English (361) 570-4254
Kyle Schlesinger Co-Director of Graduate Publishing Program
Professor of Publishing
Publishing (361) 570-4103
Mai Abo Shakra Lecturer, Computer Science Computer Science (361) 570-4268
Jake Snyder Lecturer, English English (361) 485-4566
Dmitri Sobolev Chair, Natural Sciences & Math Division
Associate Professor of Biology
Biology (361) 570-4218
Brooks Sterritt Assistant Professor, English English (361) 570-4220
Blake Stricklin Lecturer, English English (361) 570-4201
Liane Tanguay Associate Professor of English English (361) 570-4269
Ricardo Teixeira Director of Math Program, Director of Core Curriculum,
Associate Professor of Math Corequisite Remediation Liaison
Mathematics (361) 570-4206
Beverly Tomek Associate Provost, Curriculum & Student Success
Associate Professor of History
History (361) 570-4145
Sandy Venneman Professor of Psychology and Biology Psychology and Biology (361) 293-1728
Shannon Viola Associate Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences programs
Associate Professor of School Psychology
Director of School Psychology Program and Internship Coordinator
Psychology (281) 396-3707
Yun Wan Chair, Computer Science Division
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Computer Science (361) 570-4201
Mark Ward Associate Professor of Communication Communication (361) 570-4256
Daniel White Director of Graduate Biology Program
Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology (361) 570-4190
Delores White Visiting Lecturer, Psychology Psychology (361) 570-4207
Farnaz Zand Lecturer, Computer Science Computer Science (361) 570-4201
Sara Zedaker Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice (361) 570-4201
Qi Zhu Director of Graduate Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Programs
Professor of Computer Science
Computer Science (361) 570-4201