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US Mail Services

  • First-Class Mail

    University outgoing mail is metered for business use only. Only envelopes using the University, as a return address will be metered with the official State of Texas imprint and mailed. The return address must contain the division or department name for internal billing. Personal mail will not be processed through the University postage machine.

  • Express Mail

    Postal Services overnight delivery service for mail pieces that require next day delivery. The service allows mail to be delivered to a Post Office Box number or to a physical address. Express mail must be taken to the Post Office by 11:00 A.M. for it to go out the same day for next day delivery. Mail Services will assist you in filling out the forms.

  • Certified Mail

    Certified Mail ensures your letter has arrived at its destination with access to online Delivery information.

    1. Complete the Certified Mail Receipt, Mail Services will fill in the, Total Postage & Fees. The address of destination must be filled out by sender.

    2. Fill out the PS Form 3811, and in the box marked, 3. Service Type, mark the box with Certified Mail and Return Receipt for Merchandise.

    3. There are two sets of numbers attached to the Certified Mail Receipt, the bottom set peels off to be attached to the PS Form 3811 at the Bottom labeled 2. Article Number.

    4. After the forms are filled out and attached to the article someone from the Mailroom with take the article to the Post Office to be stamp dated on the Certified Mail Receipt and we will hold onto it until we receive the PS Form 3811 back.

    5. The numbers on the Certified Mail Receipt should match the numbers on the PS Form 3811 and can be used to track the letter or article online.

    6. Mail Services has tried "Electronic Return Receipt Requested", and found it to be very efficient and more cost effective.

  • Registered Mail

    Registered mail provides maximum security. Items are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery and insured up to $25,000 against loss of damage. Date and time of delivery can be verified online.

  • Insured Mail

    Get peace of mind by adding insurance to your packages. Insure your package for the value of its contents, as you are only covered for the actual value at the time and place of mailing.

Overnight Services

Overnight shipping supplies (air bills, envelopes) are available in the Mail Room at UW 107F.

Mail to UH Katy Campus

Mail to the Katy campus must be received in Mail Services by 3:00 p.m. to be shipped by Lone Star Ground service. Mail Services will prepare the shipping label and parcel for pick up. The department is not charged for this service; except, if a package is received in Victoria and re-routed directly to Katy, then the department is responsible for the cost of shipping. Lone Star delivery is received at the Katy campus by the next day.

The UH Katy Campus address is:

University of Houston Katy Campus
2002 W. Grand Parkway N., Building 2
Katy, Texas 77449

Incoming mail received from UH Katy will be sorted and delivered in the afternoon mail delivery to the respective departments.

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