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Master of Education: Educational Leadership with Principal Certification

Participants in this program may complete the following coursework in either face-to-face and hybrid, or fully online mode:

Major (30 semester hours)

  • ELAS 6300 Selected topics (School Community Relationships)
  • ELAS 6310 Theoretical Foundations and Functions of Educational Administration
  • ELAS 6313 Ethics in School Leadership
  • ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision
  • ELAS 6316 Instructional Leadership
  • ELAS 6331 Educational Law
  • ELAS 6332 Special Education law
  • ELAS 6335 School Evaluation
  • ELAS 6336 School Business Management
  • ELAS 6304 Internship in Educational Leadership

Participants also must pass a comprehensive examination on the cumulative content of their educational leadership with principal certification program. The examination is formatted as a multiple choice exam in alignment with the TExES #068 principal certification assessment. Ed Leadership candidates do not need to request faculty members to write, and evaluate responses to, essay questions for the exam. Request more information about the degree or program that aligns with your career goals.

Texas requirements for principal certification include:

  • Holding a valid Texas teacher certificate,
  • Completion of a Master’s Degree (fulfilled by SoEHPHD’s Master of Education in Administration with a specialization in Educational Leadership [see course plan above])
  • A minimum of two years of teaching experience in an accredited school,
  • Completion of an approved administrative practicum experience,
  • Completion of required course work designed to develop administrative competencies and comply with ISLLC and TEXAS PRINCIPAL STANDARDS (Texas Education Code §241.15), and
  • Passing the TExES # 068 Principal Certification Exam.

For individuals who already have a master’s degree who wish to pursue Principal Certification, UHV offers a “certification only” option both online and face-to-face: View Principal “Certification Only” Coursework and Requirements.