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General Leadership

Students must pass a comprehensive examination on the content of one core course and the content of two courses in their major area. One question must come from the faculty advisor and one question must come from faculty outside of the ELAS teaching core. Request more information about the degree or program that aligns with your career goals.

Master Comprehensive Exam Information


  • 12 semester hours (will vary according to the specific needs of the individual's program)


  • ELAS 6310 Theoretical Foundations and Functions of Educational Administration
  • ELAS 6315 Principles of Instructional Supervision
  • ELAS 6316 Instructional Leadership
  • ELAS 6317 Managing Change For Diversity
  • ELAS 6331 Educational Law

Additional Requirements

  • 9 semester hours selected by advisement from any discipline to complete and support the major area.

NOTE: To insure a coherent program of study, the Core coursework must be approved by both the student’s assigned advisor and a representative from the department offering the core classes before the student begins taking these classes. For example, a student who wishes to select core courses in adult education would speak with faculty teaching in the Adult and Higher Education Program to select the courses most fitting for the student’s educational and professional goals.